Oxygen Bar Business Opportunities

Oxygen bars are more popular than ever before. We are seeing them at trade shows, sales events, fairs and festivals. They are a “must have” at Sweet 16’s, weddings and parties.

You will find oxygen bars at spas, wellness businesses, vape stores, chiropractors, infusion centers and any type of business in the broad alternative health category.

The timing could not be better to start an oxygen bar business and take advantage of this booming trend.

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There are very few businesses that you can get into without a big investment. Especially one that you can work at just part-time and earn a full-time income. Oxygen bars are one of those few.

I have never needed to twist anyone's arm to become part of this industry. People look at the opportunity and in most instances the light goes on. They just get it. They realize that with margins as high as 95% they can make a lot of money.

  • It is relatively inexpensive to start. You can get a starter setup for about $2,000 and a more complete package including a lighted bar for under $2,500. Of course our prices are much lower than other vendors. Our competitors charge two, three and even four times this amount.
  • You can do this part-time for extra income or full-time as a new career. I am not allowed to post potential earnings but the income possibilities are considerable. Download the free Oxygen Bar Business Guide and you will get a much clearer picture of possible earnings.
  • There are no franchise fees. You own the business and can buy supplies from us or anyone you choose. Although, we are the least expensive.
  • There are no special skills required. Anyone can do this. Anyone can learn this. We train our event people to setup and operate a full bar in less than an hour. If you want your sister-in-law to work an event for you, you can train her in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

I certainly hope that by now you are starting to see the potential of all of this. Sometimes I feel it is like a secret underground business that only a select few have discovered. There is a saying that you throw a lot of ideas against the wall and see what sticks. With business you often throw a lot of money against the wall as well. In my 45+ years in the business world I have had some real losers. Fortunately, I found oxygen bars.

While writing this the phone rang and it was a women who wanted an oxygen bar for her daughter's Sweet 16. There will be about 100 guests and it will be held in a local hotel. I quoted her $1900, which is a bit less than our normal rate. She said, "Oh, that's great. I thought it would be more expensive. What do we need to do next?"

I will be all set up for the party about an hour before it starts and then hand out nasal cannulas and talk to people for about 4 hours. Not bad for an evening's work. This is not unusual. It is a very routine job for us and we do this type of work throughout the year.

I can go on an on but I urge you to use the above form and get our Oxygen Bar Business Guide.

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