Oxygen Bar Business Guide – Advertising

Advertising and Marketing Tips

You can be a great mechanic and have a complete set of tools. But if nobody knows about you, you will not make any money or have any customers.

If you are going to succeed in the oxygen bar business, advertising and marketing is something you will certainly need to learn. This is of course true regardless of the business you enter in to.

It is beyond the scope of this guide to teach you how to be an effective marketer. However, I want to at least get you started in the right direction with some practical and useful ways to generate business.

Unless you already have an existing business like a spa, wellness center, vape store, etc. chances are you are going to focus your efforts on the event business.

Renting your oxygen bar out for events is the fastest way to start generate income. Many of our customers are totally focused on the event end of the business and do very well, even part time.

In most instances you will have no competition from other oxygen bar owners. You just need to let people know what you do and why they might want to rent an oxygen bar from you.

As a local service provider, you have an advantage over national companies. They often have to bring in a bar and a bartender from a considerable distance. Plus, they have a payroll and a greater overhead than you do. In many cases your expenses are limited to the cost of gas and whatever supplies you use. The rest is profit.

If you have given me an email address to read the guide you are now reading, you will hear more about our affiliate program in the future. This is where we will actually send business to you for a portion of the fee. We in effect become partners on the event. Our national advertising brings in more events than we could possibly work and need people like you with local equipment to work them. If you have not already done so. Go to the home page with the link at the top of this page and fill in the form.

Ad Placement

There are a lot of places where you can run an effective ad. I recommend you start with local publications.

Church or Synagogue bulletins (use both if they are in your area) are a great place to start.

Local newspapers can get expensive depending on the circulation. Local can still mean an area with a million people in it. But if you are in a small town or have a local weekly for your town, it is another good place to advertise.

College newspapers take ads and can lead to ongoing work for you.

The key to ads is running them over time.

If you run a one-time ad for example in the Church bulletin or community weekly, it is hit or miss as to whether someone who is interested will see the ad.

However, if you run it for 6 weeks, people will start to remember it. When they have a party they will be thinking “hey, there is this guy who runs an ad for an oxygen bar rental in the paper. Now where is that ad?”

Other Referral Sources

Contact party and event planners. They are always looking for new and unusual entertainment. Keep in mind that the client belongs to them. They will contract with the client, mark up your prices and be your liaison for the event.  You will contract with them and they are responsible for paying you. Make sure you get a deposit (usually 50%) before the event and try to collect the remainder on the day of the event.

Party rental stores are a good source for referrals. You can offer the owner of the store a percentage of the rental fee. Or, you can give them a “wholesale” rental fee list and let them mark it up as they see fit.

Check with local hotels and restaurants that offer venues for parties and events. Once again, the oxygen bar becomes an additional source of revenue for them. They do not have to do a thing other than push some paper around.

With enough lead sources, people will start to contact you. Initially ou might need to be somewhat flexible on pricing. Your goal is to do events and get exposure.

One enterprising bar owner has 5X7 color cards printed with a picture of the bar and a special deal for parties of 35 people or less that run no longer than 3 hours. He hands them out at all the events he can. Make sure you ask permission. This “Party Special” gets him a lot more work.

Charitable events can ultimately bring in paying customers. Offer to set up a bar at charitable events in your area. You can run the bar on a fee per session basis and give half the proceeds to the charity. Or offer it up in a charity auction. It will be an evening or an afternoon of your time and perhaps $30 worth of supplies. But you could take a tax deduction on the valued amount and you cannot beat the exposure you will get.

If it is getting near Super Bowl, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Graduation time, etc., be sure to advertise your services for the parties that are going on around these milestone dates.

County fairs, music festivals and events, health fairs and other local events can be a fantastic money maker. The booth rental is usually not that high and charging on a per session basis can net you a windfall over a weekend.

I could go on and on. But I think you have the general idea.

We do not have advertising slicks made up. I will leave that to you.

There are low cost services that will do a lot of this for you.

For example, you can check fiverr.com and search for newspaper ads. I found someone who will do the postcards with your ad on it for $5. There are some extra services they offer, but even with these services you will probably pay less than $30 for the whole job.

Elance, Craigslist, etc., are other places where you can find low cost help.