Oxygen Bar Business Guide – Introduction

An Introduction to the Oxygen Bar Business

I realize that many of you don’t even know what an oxygen bar is, and I will get to that later on in this guide. But if you are going to evaluate something, anything, you must first set the criteria that you will evaluate it for.

If I wanted to evaluate cars, I might want to compare mileage, passenger room, trunk space, etc. I would have some idea of what I wanted and then try to see how the different models stacked up against each other. If you don’t do this, you will never make a decision and if you do it might not be the right one.

Keeping all of this in mind, we should try and break things down and look at what might be important in selecting a business.

First of all you need to consider how much time you can spend working in your business. Will it be full time or part time? Most businesses are not structured for part time hours. But, this might be very important to you. Many people would like the luxury of moving into a new business while they still had another source of income.

Fortunately, an oxygen bar business, if you are focusing on doing events, can easily be done on weekends. Plus, you can have someone else fill in for you if required.

How much training is required? Do I need any special skills?

Actually, there is very little training required. You can train a friend, relative, etc., to set up and work an event for you in under an hour. This helps a great deal in keeping your working hours flexible.

The next thing you will have to ask yourself is how much capital will you need to start?

Once again we are in luck since oxygen bars are not that expensive when compared to the equipment required for other businesses. Plus, you do not need a physical location. You can work from home and all events are off-site.

It is possible to assemble a very nice system with a lighted bar for under $3,000. There are also lease to own programs so you can get started for under $100 a month. Just one event per month would pay many times this amount.Best of all, you own the business.

What about franchise fees?

Franchise fees can be very high. Plus some businesses require you to use their supplies at inflated prices.

There are no franchise fees or requirements to buy supplies from us. It is your business. You own it and can source from anyone you please.

That does not mean you will not get support. We are here to help you. We are an Airheads, Inc affiliate and they have been in this business for more than 15 years. Possibly the oldest oxygen bar manufacturer in the country. Phone and email support is always available. If necessary, we will SKYPE with you to solve any problem you run into or even if you just want to run some marketing ideas past us.

Is there a lot of competition?

Of course you don’t want to start a business to find that you are in competition with a small army of look a like businesses in your area. One of the things I love about oxygen bars is that there isn’t much competition in most areas.

Try to rent an oxygen bar where you live. There is a very good chance that you will not find anyone to call. If you are very lucky there might be one other person.

If you do find someone ask them how much they charge for a four hour rental for a party with a bar that can handle 6 people at a time. It will not be cheap. You can cut their price by 20-30% if you need to and still do great. Why? Because other than the equipment and some nose hoses, you have almost no overhead.

That is the great thing about all of this. The margins are so high you should be wearing a mask and saying “stick em up”. If you do a four hour event for $400, and we have done them for as much as $2,000, what are your costs, other than the drive to and from the event? Probably about $30 to $40. Even if you did just a few events a month you are a winner. But the fact is you can realistically charge $600 to $900 and more depending on the venue and number of people. They will not even give it a second thought.

If you have an existing business, an oxygen bar is a great revenue enhancer. Spas, salons, massage therapists, vape stores and lounges, chiropractors and many other business owners have installed our products and have seen their income grow.

I suggest you now take a few minutes and read through this guide. It will answer a lot of questions for you.

We have used videos whenever possible to make this easier to digest. You can of course pick up the phone at any time and give us a call.

If you filled out the email address field with a legitimate email address, we will send you interesting announcements from time to time about the oxygen bar business, such as marketing tips and ideas, new products and product specials.