Oxygen Bar Equipment – Aromarizer

All oxygen bars have an Aromarizer. They can vary slightly in design but they all operate exactly the same way.

The Aromarizer, sometimes called an Infuser, is the device that imparts the aroma in the form of an essential oil to the oxygen. Here is a picture of a six station unit.

Oxygen Bar

Oxygen Bar Aromarizer

Before I describe how this works, I want to call your attention a few important points.

This unit has the capability of providing oxygen bar services to six (6) individuals at one time. While that might not seem remarkable to you now, when you start to price other devices that support six users you will realize what a bargain this is.

The unit was designed with simplicity and a long service life in mind. It is attractive, durable and affordable. It allows you to enter into the oxygen bar business for far less money than any other competing product.

There are six individual aromarizer bottles and each of the bottles can have a different aroma or scent. Of course you can replicate the same aroma in more than one bottle if you wish.

It is one user per bottle. If someone wants a different aroma they simply disconnect from one and connect to another. We could have provided a switch for this. But that creates a point of failure that you cannot afford to have in the middle of an event.

While I recommend looking at our video of how an oxygen bar works, I will briefly describe the process again.

The oxygen concentrator is connected to a port on the back aromarizer through a plastic tube. It is then distributed through internal plumbing to each of the six bottles. You will notice a dial under each bottle that controls the flow of oxygen.

Oxygen Bar Aromarizer

Back of Oxygen Bar Aromarizer Showing Valves for Each Bottle

If a bottleā€™s valve is open the oxygen will flow into the bottle through a tube, into a small cylindrical device called a check valve. The check valve insures that the oxygen flows in one direction and keeps water out of the system. The other end of the check valve goes into the input side of the bottle.

Let me say that all again but try to make it even clearer.

Oxygen comes out of the concentrator and into the aromarizer. There is a bunch of tubes inside the aromarizer that is connected to each bottle. You can turn the flow on and off with a valve on the back of the unit.

If you open up the valve the oxygen continues up towards the top of the bottle. But before it enter the bottle it must pass through a small device called a check valve. If this was not there water could go back into the concentrator which is not a good thing.

The bottom of each bottle is filled with about two inches or so of water. Any water that you can drink can be used. Then about ten (10) drops of an essential oil is placed in the water to provide the aroma.

The oxygen flows into the bottle and into the water. If the valve is open you will see the water bubbling. It is forced out the other port on the bottle into a tube which connects to a nasal cannula (nose hose) that you breathe through.