Oxygen Bar Equipment

Miscellaneous Oxygen Bar Equipment

In addition to the concentrator and the aromarizer, there are a few other pieces of oxygen bar equipment you should be familiar with.

Nose Hoses – Nasal Cannulas

The preferred delivery of oxygen is through the nose.

Everyone who uses the system gets their own sterile nose hose or nasal cannula. If you are going to operate an oxygen bar you will need to have a good supply of these on hand. You do not want to be at an event or have a paying customer come in and have to turn them away because you don’t have 30 cents worth of supplies.

Many people ask about using a face mask.

If you use a face mask and now breathe in through your nose and mouth, you will be taking in a large volume of oxygen. An oxygen concentrator cannot supply this volume. Plus, it offers no additional benefit.

A face mask is generally used by a fire rescue unit when they have bottles of oxygen under pressure and you have suffered something like smoke inhalation. It is sometimes used for people who want to supplement an exercise routine with oxygen. But again, they are using a large 10 liter (or larger) concentrator for just one person

We have seen other, what I would call gimmicky, breathing devices on the market.

One of them places a bar under your nose or to the side of your nose. The delivery of oxygen is too inefficient with these methods. You will get the aroma but the effect of the oxygen is almost completely dissipated.

You can use your own nasal cannula more than once. However, when operating a bar you must dispose of the used hoses. You cannot, to my knowledge, sterilize them.

Look at it this way. They cost about 32 cents each. You are getting around ten dollars a session. Do you really need to reuse them?

The nose hoses come in a variety of colors with a one size fits all design.

Oxygen Bar Stands

When first starting out, you can save a little money by using a table or counter top.

A small 6 person system does not take up much space. The aromarizer can be placed on a counter, table or bar top. It is only about 30 inches wide. However you want a bit more space so people do not have to stand sideways. If you expect to get 4 or 5 people using it at a time, make sure you have room for them to access the bar.

I have seen operators get a large piece of black velvet cloth from a fabric store and drape it over a card table. It actually looked fairly nice.

But, for a relatively small investment, you can buy a bar stand that lights up in different colors and has a number of different color effects. This can make all the difference in the world. It can separate you from anyone else and gives the air of professionalism to your setup. It also justifies charging more for your services. You do not look like someone who works out of their garage. Not to mention a more satisfied client.

I am sure there are other stands out there but I just want to briefly describe the two stand options we offer.

The SmartBar

The SmartBar is an affordable stand with vivid, eye-catching lights that can be controlled from a remote control unit. It can be purchased with plain white panel that can be branded with your or your client’s logo or message. This bar really stands out.

Watch this short video to see what I mean. The video takes about 10 seconds before you can see the bar – sorry.

Some of you will want to do larger events, trade shows, and corporate parties. You can use the SmartBar and most people will love it. But, I can tell you that when we talk to an event planner they almost always want our big bar. It has tremendous presence and they are willing to pay a lot more for it.

I can tell you that when you do an event with what we call the Dream Machine bar, people will be impressed.

This is a seven (7) foot, three panel lighted bar. This is a big unit that comes with its own shipping cases. Although, it is on wheels and we “walk” it in to most events.

The front panels can be custom branded and represents another source of revenue for you. Once a client pays for branding, you can hold on to the panels and use them again. This is how you build repeat corporate business. You charge for the branding only once.

Full Size Oxygen Bar

Full Size (7 FT) Dream Machine Oxygen Bar

Again, you do not need to have a bar like this. You can add it at any time. But if your location or business model permits it, then I would suggest you give it serious consideration.